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Kearney CAD Design and 3D Modeling Services

New technology, such as 3D modeling and 4D time management provides Kearney opportunities to stay on the leading edge of construction. With a commitment to the design/build process, our CAD Team can work with all the disciplines, from 2D drawings to 3D modeling and collision detection. Kearney’s technical capabilities provide support to a project for its entire duration in such areas as:

  • Design and Value Engineering
  • Estimating Quantity Comparisons
  • Collision Detection
  • Presentation of Information
  • Coordination and Installation
  • On-Going As-builts
  • Close-out Documentation

Design Coordination

Kearney coordinates with other companies that support CAD and other 3D applications on many projects. Installation design is reviewed by the entire pre-construction team which streamlines the planning and scheduling of the building process.

This 3D drawing was developed by the HVAC, plumbing, electrical (Kearney), and cabling (Kearney) contractors. Installation routes were identified and combined for analysis by the design team to maximize the effectiveness of each discipline.

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