Chandler City Hall

Chandler City Hall

Named one of the top 10 new construction projects in the country for 2012 by the American Institute of Architects, the new Chandler City Hall is located in Down town Chandler. This municipal complex houses the office of the Mayor, Council Chambers (with unique lighting features), an art gallery and TV studio.


Hard Bid

City of Chandler

138,000 Square Feet

Offices/Parking Garage

Sundt Construction

Unique Aspects:
Unique to this project is the artwork that adorns the front of the building. Entitled “Turbulent Shade” it acts as a natural light filter for the office windows, reflects light, and moves with the natural wind currents. At night it is lit from above and below with low energy LED lighting that illuminates the building with a warm blue glow.

Services Provided:

  • Electrical Installation
  • LEED – electrical expertise

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